Tucker Awards Ceremony

Tucker Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all of the award winner!
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Thursday, May 14, 2015
6 PM
Ivy Tech Conference Center

Come see what Tucker students have accomplished this year, including the Tucker Culinary Arts Ace of Cakes competition

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Annual awards honor top students, instructor

Posted on May. 18 2015 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
TCTC's annual awards ceremony put the excellent work of students and teachers in the spotlight. Here's a look at the awards presented during the ceremony May 14 at Ivy Tech Community College:

Outstanding Achievement

  • Madison Adcock
  • Bethany Bridenthal
  • Victoria Burk
  • Joshua Danforth
  • Haley Davis
  • Moesha Davis
  • Nika Jenkins
  • Taylor Lines
  • Anna Luckey
  • Seth Marden
  • Dakota McClellan
  • Shane Minnier
  • Kyle Nelson
  • Katelyn Nunemaker
  • Jessica Ortega
  • Jared Shrontz
  • Kyle Smyth
  • Austin Talbott
  • Antonio Tinch
  • Dakota Turner
  • Zachary Turner
  • Alexis Walker
  • Chyvon Washington

Collision Repair 

Most Improved

  • Tairon Christian
  • Braxton Fultz
  • James Jensen
  • Courtney Smith
  • Isaiah Watkins

Top Service Technician

  • Tom Jones

Top Body Technician

  • Laine Lennen

Top Gun

  • Antonio Tinch

Construction Trades

Excellent Work Ethic

  • Jacob Hansel

Outstanding First-Year Student

  • Leonard Wynk

Top Second-Year Student

  • Kyle Smyth

Golden Hammer Award

  • Kyle Smyth

Criminal Justice

Attendance Award

  • Nathan Saylors

Citizenship Award

  • Peyton Hoffman
  • Mea Lindsey
  • Michael McMillan

Torch Award

  • Joshua Danforth
  • Nicholas Renshaw

Justice Award

  • Jared Shrontz

Golden Gavel Award

  •  Alexis Walker

Culinary Arts

Outstanding First-Year Students

  • Alise Anderson
  • Cara Bright
  • Katelynn Kennedy
  • Cody PhiferC
  • Clayton Yeakle

Outstanding Second-Year Students

  • Willian Collins
  • De'Naja Horton
  • Kaceshus Jackson
  • Anna Luckey
  • Kyle Nelson
  • Sarah Williams

Positive Attitude Award

  • Cody Phifer

Kettle & Cleaver

  • Anna Luckey
  • Kyle Nelson


Outstanding Second-Year Students

  • Dakota Heyde
  • Daniel McMurray
  • Zachary Richardson
  • Trey Roew
  • Conner Wike

Early Childhood Education

Top First-Year Student (Junior)

  • Moriah Fuchs

Top First-Year Student (Senior)

  • Daekwondra Shack

Silver Apple Award

  • Moesha Davis

Graphic Communication

Design Students of the Year

  • Katelyn Nunemaker
  • Austin Talbott

Health Careers (first-year)

Academic Performance

  • Selena Arenas
  • Aubrey Richards
  • Emily Webb

HOSA State Conference Competitors

  • Lyndsay Buckles
  • Haley Campbell
  • Alexis Dunning
  • Amanda Marrs
  • Rikki Preddy
  • Erika Treon
  • Heather Wright

Health Careers (second-year)

Academic Performance

  • Wayne Flournoy

Clinical & Classroom Leadership

  • Gary Reed

Florence Nightingale Award

  • Vonnisha Adaway


Most Improved

  • Victoria Burk

Outstanding Juniors

  • Roger Litton
  • Michael Sosh

Outstanding Seniors

  • Seth Turner
  • Dakota Turner


  • Madison Adcock
  • Christopher Brewer
  • Daniel Johnson
  • Anna Luckey
  • Dakota McClellan
  • Kyle Nelson
  • Katelyn Nunemaker
  • Kyle Smyth
  • Austin Talbott
  • Sarah Williams
  • Zachary Zirkle

Technical Honors Diploma

  • Madison Adcock
  • ?William Collins
  • Haley Davis*
  • Nika Jenkins*
  • Taylor Lines*
  • Dakota McClellan
  • Kyle Nelson*
  • Kyle Smyth
  • Austin Talbott
  • Zachary Zirkle
*Candidates waiting to complete requirements

Kiwanis Scholarship

  • Madison Adcock

TCTC Student of the Year

  • Katelyn Nunemaker

TCTC Teacher of the Year

  • Travis Hueston, Criminal Justice

YOU'RE INVITED: Sing on the Green - Tribute to Veterans (5/16)

Posted on May. 15 2015 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
This weekend, the MHS Choral Department proudly presents the annual Sing on the Green. This year's event will be a special tribute to veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces.

The event will feature MHS choir performances, along with the MHS JROTC and the MCS Patriotic Kids Choir, with dozens of students from our younger grades joining forces for a special tribute to veterans and current members of the military.

Sing on the Green is set for 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 16, in the F. Ritchie Walton Performing Arts Center at Marion High School.

Tickets, available in the MHS Main Office during school hours today or at the door Saturday evening, are $8 for adults, $5 for students and MCS staff. Veterans and current members of the military in uniform or with military ID will be admitted free of charge.

Students earn special honor at 2015 Kindness Rally

Posted on May. 06 2015 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
Eight students — one from each of our schools — earned a special honor at the MCS Kindness Rally last week: the second annual Student Kindness Awards!

The 2015 Student Kindness Awards were presented during the Kindness Rally on May 1, 2015, at MHS's Bill Green Arena. The winners are (left to right): Susan Boldry, McCulloch Junior High, Tyra Lindsay, Marion High School, Leah Hoeksema, Justice Intermediate, Savanah Grieve, Riverview Elementary, Emily Luckey, Kendall Elementary, Nathan Tifft, Frances Slocum Elementary, and Stevie Velarde, Allen Elementary. Not pictured is Tucker Career and Technology Center's winner, Kyle Nelson. 

The awards were presented during the Chain Reaction Ceremony at the third annual Kindness Rally on Friday, May 1. The staff at each school picked one student who embodied the spirit of kindness, and who consistently exhibited everyday kindness to those around them. We believe that simple acts of kindness have the power to change our classrooms, our schools, our community, and the world. Because of that, we truly believe the Student Kindness Awards are some of the highest honors we can bestow.

Here are the students who earned the 2015 Student Kindness Awards, and a little bit about why they were chosen:
  • Allen Elementary School: Stevie Velarde is very helpful, always willing to pitch in, has compassion for her peers, motivates her peers, is a great listener and a true leader in the classroom. Stevie is concerned for the well-being of all students. She will not complain and makes everyone feel welcome. Stevie takes the time to help others and will often put others before herself. Stevie is an excellent student and an amazing friend to all of her classmates. She is truly a leader at Allen Elementary. Stevie is a shining light in our community.
  • Frances Slocum Elementary School: Nathan Tifft is a friend to everyone. He is helpful in the classroom, a great listener, and supports his classmates by helping them to do their best. Nate is involved in a couple clubs. At these events he shines as a positive role model by modeling good behavior, sportsmanship, dedication, and a positive attitude. Nate has displayed kindness, support, and a caring attitude in class and on the playground as well as in running club and dodge ball club.
  • Kendall Elementary School: Emily Luckey is a wonderful listener. She is always willing to help others our or help out around the class. She shows compassion toward others in and out of class. Emily is a positive role model because she is always showing integrity. Emily includes others when playing at recess. When working with others, she listens to them and then gives her feedback. Emily helps her classmates, and when she helps others she is very positive and doesn’t get frustrated. Emily is consistently positive toward others.  
  • Riverview Elementary School: Savanah Grieve is an excellent role model for all students. She is kind, gentle, and helpful to all classmates. Savanah consistently helps others with her positive outlook. She shares pencils and encourages classmates in a most discreet manner. She is careful with her words and actions. She always has the best interests of her classmates in mind. Savanah’s gentle nature makes her someone admired by classmates and staff at Riverview Elementary School. For Savanah, each day is a situation where she helps others. She is consistently level-headed and empathetic. Savanah stands out with her positive outlook.
  • Justice Intermediate School: Leah Hoeksema is always kind, helpful, encouraging, motivating, and shows compassion toward her classmates. Leah is always willing to do whatever it takes to complete tasks whether independently or cooperatively. She is always working toward a goal. Leah is always ready to lend a helping hand to someone who may be struggling in math. She is very patient and respectful in her demeanor toward others. When sharing answers, Leah is never boastful, but very sensitive, patient, and kind about explaining how she got her answers without getting frustrated or arrogant. Leah is just an exceptional student in every way. She is sweet, kind, thoughtful, and caring. Always. 
  • McCulloch Junior High School: Susan Boldry is very helpful, and her willingness to pitch in is an asset in any class. Susan never speaks unkindly about anyone. She is very positive and very sweet. Susan is one of McCulloch's “secret helpers”. She decorates lockers of others with words of encouragement. Susan has identified several student’s lockers for their birthdays without identifying herself as the one who did it. Susan is a very sweet young lady. 
  • Marion High School: Tyra Lindsay is a wonderfully cheery person. She has a smile for everyone, and truly is a happy girl who exudes a positive attitude in the classroom and in the hallways. According to her Peer Tutoring teacher, Tyra is edifying to the special needs students. She loves to help them so they will benefit in the future. She is well directed, very compassionate, and sees every individual having a purpose in life and goes above and beyond the status quo. Tyra is very involved at Marion High School. She is on the girls varsity basketball team, she is class president, senate president, JAG co-president, and is a member of National Art Honor Society, Key Club, Black History Club, and Creators Alive club. Tyra is planning on attending college and wants to become a dentist.
  • Tucker Career and Technology Center: Kyle Nelson is an extremely helpful student with running the Tucker Bistro. He is self-motivated every day and is always trying to help other students in the kitchen. Kyle’s willingness to do whatever is asked of him and to the best of his ability makes him a good leader. Kyle has shown how kind, caring, and considerate he is helping with our customers, most of whom are retired, in the restaurant, helping them to their seats or with their food. Kyle is always trying to be nice to his fellow students and is always trying to put them in a better mood if they are having a bad day. Kyle is genuinely one of the nicest kids. He doesn’t like seeing people upset or treated poorly and really tries to be nice and friendly to everyone.  
The annual Kindness Rally is a way for us to celebrate everyday acts of kindness and the difference they can make. We thank those who participated in the Chain Reaction Ceremony, and we hope everyone had a great time at the carnival that followed!

Let's all pledge to keep the chain reaction of kindness going!

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