MRCC Attendance

  • You are absent from MRCC on a school day...ask parent to notify your home school and MRCC (664-9051 ext. 2524) on the day of the absence.  A re-admit or written excuse must be brought to the office when returning.
  • You are tardy to to office for a pass to class and to sign the log book. Students will not be admitted into class without a pass.
  • Your tardiness to MRCC results in your inability to catch the shuttle bus to the Construction Trades or the Medical Terminology/CNA job must report to the main office.  Although you will be assessed as per the tardy policy and lose performance points for that day, you must arrange with instructor to gain missed points by completing an alternative assignment within a reasonable (2 week) period of time.
  • You know of a pre-arranged absence which will affect your attendance and performance at the social worker to secure assignments prior to the absence(s).
  • You become ill at school...get a pass from your teacher and report to the MRCC office.  If it is determined that you are too ill to remain at school, MRCC administration will contact a parent or responsible adult to arrange for your dismissal for the day.  If you leave the building without permission from MRCC administration, you will be considered TRUANT.